Tips For Keeping Your Loved One Occupied At An Assisted Living Facility


If you have had to send a loved on to an assisted living facility due to the fact that he or she is unable to fully support and care for him or herself, you might worry about him or her being bored. Your loved on might not feel up to engaging in the activities that the assisted living center organizes, especially when he or she first arrives. Here are some tips smoothing the transition and keeping your loved one occupied.

1. Set Up a Traveling Library

Find out what books your loved one likes, as well as what some of the more popular genres at the assisted living are. Go to used bookstores and other places where you can buy cheap books and purchase a selection of books within these genres. Get a rolling card and set the books up on it so that they are easily visible. Then, roll your cart into the assisted living and set it up in a common area. Allow residents to check out books and return books that they have already checked out. Your loved one will be able to get the books that he or she loves and you will be able to encourage him or her to talk to other residents about the books that they are reading. This can help get your loved one more involved with the other residents of the assisted living.

2. Bring Puzzles

Another way to help your loved one reach out to other people at the assisted living facility without actually having to do much is by purchasing him or her a large puzzle. This puzzle should have enough pieces to last for a long time. Set the puzzle up in a common area and get assurances from the people who run the assisted living that leaving it there will not be a problem. Invite other residents to work on the puzzle while they are there. If your loved one works on a puzzle where other people can see him or her, he or she will likely find him or herself assisted by other interested parties. This is a great, passive way to make friends if your loved one has social anxiety or some other issue that makes it hard for him or her to reach out to others.

Before doing any of these activities, make sure that you talk to the assisted living communities and get permission. Also talk to them for ideas about how to ensure that your loved one stays occupied.


6 July 2016

the positive impact of nursing homes

My mother had been living with my family for about four years before her health got so bad that I couldn't keep her in my home any longer. At that point, I really had no choice but to find a comfortable nursing home for her to move into. This wasn't an easy decision for me to make, but it was the only thing I could do to ensure she was getting the best care possible during her final days. I was pleased to find a wonderful nursing home that provided her with amenities that she could enjoy and a caring staff that would care for her. If you are second-thinking taking your loved one to a nursing home, stop and read my blog where you will find out how much good it can do for your loved one and yourself.